Saturday, January 7, 2012

Future Transportation

Velocity: A grand carrier with a sturdy look

Big bikes are eternally popular with all the auto folk across the world and no matter what the variations are and how many times the so many variations of the same variety are dished out, people seem to still take to it with glee. Here is another of the concept big bike that does look a touch different from the traditional model and has a futuristic metallic look to it. The look of the bike draws from the classic big bike design but the wheels look a lot grander and cooler than normal.

MOTOrepublic Beta electric bike: A noiseless and zero emission ride

Eco Factor: Electric bike with zero emissions.

Good news for those who like bikes with speed, strength and cool looks. Still better is the eco friendly advantage it will provide over other sporty bikes. Simultaneously, this electric bike will reduce noise pollution as well as air pollution. Designers from MOTOrepublic are busy working on a full-scale prototype of the bike and are trying to deliver a performance motorcycle free of the constraints of an internal combustion engine. A new ultra-thin exoskeleton frame is being tested to include all necessary running gears. A battering ram-like headlight on the solid, single-piece body gives it sporty and speedy looks. Nothing can be said about its production, but if it saw real roads then it will be a blessing for humanity.

Eco Motorcycles: Zero Motorcycles to debut Zero S in spring 2009

Eco Factor: Motorcycle powered by electric motor.

After the success Zero Motorcycles achieved with their electric Zero X motorcycle, the company is planning to celebrate more success next spring with another electric motorcycle called the Zero S. Just like its predecessor, the Zero S too will get power from an electric motor, providing a top speed of 70mph and a 60 mile range. Considering the torque of 50lb/ft we have to assume that the machine will depend on a patent-pending lithium-ion array. The company is accepting a $1000 fee (refundable) as booking charges for eager customers.

Tong Futuristic City Bike

Nothing to impress the ladies with? No, I’m not thinking of a car and I’m not hinting at a chopper either, you don’t really want to waste money on those. OK, here’s the deal. You get one of these cool looking bicycles and then let me know how you’re doing with them ladies for a change. ‘Ight?
Nuclearrow Concept: Nuclear Powered Bike

The Nuclearrow Concept by Julien Vermeulen stands out of the crop of concepts we have seen in the past few days. The vehicle does look at clean energy, but does not stop at plain old lithium batteries and hydrogen, it goes quite ahead with the choice of Nuclear Power! The fusion reactor is placed at the rear and associated with a wheel engine, sending power to the rear wheel.

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