Thursday, January 26, 2012

1963 HONDA CR93

The CR 93 was also derived from a street bike, hence the blinded kickstarter shaft hole. The twin had a bore and stroke of 43 x 43 mm for a total capacity of 124.8 cc. Drive to the camshafts was by gear train on the left hand side of the engine.
Compression ratio 10.2 : 1. Ignition was by crankshaft mounted generator with external HT coils; the contact breaker points were mounted on the inlet camshaft.

Wet sump lubrication, with, as an inheritance from the street bikes, had a rotating oil filter. The gearbox had five speeds.
Claimed power was 16.5 bhp at 11,500 rpm, but it was a well known fact, that most of these little gems were much more powerful than that.
Many times Dutch champion Cees van Dongen's CR93 had approximately 22 bhp. The early types had a double sided, single leading shoe front brake, the later types a single sided 2ls brake.
The CR93 was a very popular bike, not only for its speed and handling, but also for its legendary reliability and longevity.

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