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Ferrari V4-Motorcycle Concept

This may not be the first effort at creating a Ferrari motorcycle, but it may very well be the best. Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari, the departed son of company founder Enzo, was said to have raced specially-prepared motorcycles in the 1950s. In the 1970s, Kay Engineering crafted a racing bike, now said to be worth half a million dollars, with full factory backing to honor Enzo Ferrari. In the '80s, legendary motorcycle
Ferrari V4-Motorcycle Concept
Designer Arlen Ness styled a one-off chopper on the Testarossa, while some guy named George crafted a pair of Ferrari-powered superbikes. Last year someone built a custom Scuderia Ferrari chopper for the
Ferrari V4-Motorcycle Concept

Ferrari V4-Motorcycle Concept

retiring Michael Schumacher (who has since been trying his hand at motorbike racing), and earlier this year a collector crafted a model of what a Ferrari sportbike could look like. We're sure some more will be brought to our attention in the comments below, but while some of these creations have been more convincing than others, this one has to be the slickest.

Being an inspired engineer with a soft spot for motorcycles always helps when your goal is to create one of the most exclusive motorcycles on the planet. This is the case of Amir Glinik from Israel who inspired on the design of Ferrari sport cars in order to create the Ferrari motorcycle, a both stylistically and technically matching replica of the Italian maker’s automobiles.

While Ferrari designers look for inspiration on the surroundings of Modena, our ingenious builder hasn’t got that luxury on its hands so it inspires directly from the design of original Ferrari cars built ever since Enzo Ferrari would have offended Ferucio Lamborghini in the now famous clutch story.
As a result, Glinik’s bike features smooth, aerodynamic lines that create the Ferrari look and retain the heart and soul of these amazing machines. Like on Ferrari cars, colors are Red and Yellow.

Ferrari V4-Motorcycle Concept

Ferrari V4-Motorcycle Concept

The engine is a V4 derived from the massive V12 powering the Ferrari Enzo and it implements drive-by-wire technology as well as all the top notch features you would expect from an Italian engine.
Still a concept, the Ferrari motorcycle would be an interesting motorcycle to go into production if the Italian house softens. Though that is not something I believe would happen.


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