Sunday, January 8, 2012

Horex VR6 cylinder - German Technology at its best

The Horex VR6
 perhaps doesn't look all that forward thinking or futuristic, in fact it has quite a sedate and traditional appearance. However the unique powerplant - one which the company now has a patent for in motorcycles - is certainly something new.

At the center of the Horex VR6 is a, surprise, surprise, VR6 engine.

The engine is called a VR6 because the cylinders are laid out in a 'V' configuration, the 'R' stands for 'Reihenmotor' - the German word describing an inline motor, and 6 for six cylinders. The unconventional arrangement of the cylinders - they are staggered and mounted at only a 15 degree angle - means that they are packaged in a much smaller overall space than other 6 cylinder engines. The engine itself is only slightly larger than an inline 4-cylinder, and considerably shorter than a conventional V6. VW were the original inventors of the VR6 engine, and as Horex cite VW as a technical partner in the Horex VR6 project, there's a pretty good chance the bike uses a VW derived unit.

Not content with just your everyday run-of-the-mill naturally aspirated VR6 engine, Horex decided that the addition of a supercharger would be the cherry on the cake. This means that the 1,200 cc engine produces a substantial 197 horsepower, and 110 lb-ft of torque. To ensure smooth power delivery, the engineers opted for a tough rubber belt to transmit the power to the rear wheels.

In the looks department the Horex VR6 isn't anywhere near as adventurous as its clever engineering. It's still a good looking bike - not a stunner - but a good looking machine. Horex state that; "This design will polarize". No it won't. It looks too sensible for that. What it will do however is prove that you're a buyer who chooses substance over style - and pays a good chunk of change for the privilege. €20,000 will secure you one. Sales are to start in GermanyAustria and Switzerland. Later sales are set to expand into the rest of Europe and North America.


Via: Horex Motorcycle
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