Thursday, January 19, 2012

The EX Trike- Powered By Bosch

The EX trike, designed and built by Nils Ferber, Sebastian Auray, Ruben Faber and Ludolf von Oldershausen. Using two 18-volt-screwdrivers as engines, the "EX" accelerates its driver up to 30 km/h! With a frame inspired by a bare skeleton complete with visible organs, the EX’s drive components are mostly constructed from modified bike parts, while the frame and unique spine-shaped joint used for steering were custom-milled on a CNC machine.

"Excentricity is defined as a deviation from what is ordinary or customary. To match this definition we couln´t just modify an existing vehicle but had to start designing something new from scratch. The result is a completely new driving concept: The driver lies headlong on his three-wheeled vehicle and accelerates the "EX" with sprawled out arms up to 30 km/h.
Eccentrically is also how the steering works: A specially developed joint tilts the back wheel and leans the driver´s weight dynamically into the curve.
The driver controls the vehicle with brake and gas handles and by tilting the back wheel with its body"
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