Tuesday, February 21, 2012

$1,000,000 ASC COBRA - ORACLE CEO's

Kirkham Motors spent two and a half years building the “ultimate roadster” for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, and were free to build a car with full fervor and the “cost is no object” freedom. Given that, they built an shiny, awesome roadster or as they call it, the “ultimate car.”

They documented the entire process in a book, and soon had people wanting the billet aluminum bound book. Kirkham Motorsports have made the book available on an “extremely limited basis” with each copy going for $4500. It takes 35 pounds of aluminum plate and 30 hours of CNC mill time for each of the billet aluminum bound books, and every page is printed on premium 12″ x 12″ cover stock, so that’s pretty cool. The spoiler of course is the $4500 asking price, and though a standard hardback version may come along soon, they are also offering free download of the book. You can get it by clicking here. Also, scroll down to checkout images of the roadster Kirkham built.

Special offer !!!!!


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