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Finally, Tata Nano has a competitor in Bajaj RE60 in the ultra-low cost four-wheeler category. However, these two vehicles are not strictly comparable as RE60 is aimed at targeting three-wheeled rickshaw drivers to go for an enclosed model; whereas Nano is full-sized car.
While Bajaj’s RE60 is fitted with a one-cylinder, rear-mounted 200cc water cooled DTSi petrol engine; Tata Nano offers a decent performance with its two-cylinder, 624cc multi-point fuel injection petrol engine with a maximum power of 37 bhp at 5500 rpm.

image thumb Bajaj RE60 Vs Tata Nano [Comparison]

However, Bajaj RE 6o promises a higher average of 35 kilometers per litre and a top-speed of 70 kilometers per hour; as against around 25 kmpl provided by Tata’s Nano. Both the vehicles has a seating capacity of 4 persons.

Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto, was quoted as:

We are Apple kind of company. We believe in making niche products; we are an ‘anti car’ company. We are 2, 3 and 4 wheeler company and in this space, our investment can’t be anywhere near a car company, investment closer to what one would invest as 2 or 3 wheeler maker.”

While a fully-loaded version of Nano would cost you around Rs.2.25 lakh at on-road Mumbai price, the Bajaj’s petit car is likely to be priced much lower at around Rs.1.5 lakh to woo rickshaw owners to shift to the new four-wheeler model from their motorized three-wheeled rickshaws.

The Final Verdict:
Once we have taken all the above mentioned parameters into consideration, one does not need to be a genius to predict the winner. The Nano is the victorious car in this comparison, but one needs to wait and see how the production model of the Bajaj RE60 performs once it is launched on Indian roads.
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