Friday, February 3, 2012

Brembo B-Tech helmet

Brembo B-Tech helmet was one of ADI Design Index 2011 nominees where each year, they’ll select best Italian product design. This product is the first world’s full-face helmet with Automatic Fit Belt fastening and a Jet Helmet view. It’s been designed by Vinaccia Integral Design to enhance driver’s safety and comfort, mainly for urban use since the city is where more than 70% of accidents involving motorcycles happen in Europe.

The innovative automatic fit belt fastening system was born out of the observation that there are many motorcyclists and scooter riders often put on and take off their helmets many times a day for short distance travelling. More often than not they fail to fasten their helmets correctly, leaving them unfastened is reckless and irresponsible. To help with this essential safety operation, Brembo B-Tech helmet is designed with a continuous strap that ends in a winding device. Get the idea? In this way, riders simply press a button to loose the strap or adhere perfectly to the chinrest, no more incorrect position and tension, perfect safety and comfort.
Designer : Vinaccia Integral Design

Brembo B-Tech helmet strap is wider compared to conventional helmet strap in the market, it’s 3cm (1,2-inch) in silky skin-friendly material, easy on the skin. This full face helmet shape is designed with a visor for better visibility, asymmetrical in relation to the curve of the shell. One of the main goals of this helmet design is to minimize the feeling of claustrophobia which often affects many motorcyclists. By increasing the rider’s visual field, thus also increasing safety on the road.
All Brembo B-Tech helmet has rear reflector elements to improve visibility and safety at night time.

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