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Remember the (in)famous bike Comet 250? Few years back , Hyosung landed in India with now almost nonexistent Kinetic to trade their 250cc V twin-cylinder naked premium segment bike which was christened as Comet. The naked bike was launched in a segment where no other manufacturer ever tried to enter till now which translated into a fan following with even movie star advertising for the two-wheeler. The Comet died a slow death because of their Partner Company and sales and service network in India.

The 250cc segment market expanded considerably after that; Kawasaki launched Ninja 250R with parallel twin configuration and became an instant hit. Honda also followed into the segment with CBR 250R with single cylinder and considerably low price than Ninja.
Hyosung re-entered the Indian market with new partners Garware who takes care of their operational processes in the country. Currently , their product portfolio includes GT650R , GT650N and ST7 cruiser , with all of them carrying a sticker price of more than Rs. 4lakh which many prospective customers found a tad too much for unreliable Korean machines. Kawasaki again gained the upper hand with the launch of Ninja 650R with lower retail price than Hyosung , which killed all the excitement about Hyosung bikes in India.
Now Hyosung is trying to gain more shares in Indian bike market with the speculative launch of GT250R and if news is to be believed then we might see the quarter liter class bike might hit Indian shores in couple of months. The bookings for the bike will open in early May 2012. With looks inspired from the elder sibling GT650R , the 250cc V-Twin motor will generate a maximum of 29bhp with 22Nm of maximum torque and is expected to be priced somewhere in middle of Honda CBR 250R and Ninja 250R.


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