Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hypermile your motorcycle up to - No BS

The hypermiling techniques discussed in: Riding Your Bike For Maximum MPG can be implemented by any rider to obtain an immediate 20 to 40% increase in fuel economy. However in these desperate times when a trip to the gas station can cost more than a week's groceries, some motorcyclists may want to wring even more miles from each mind- and wallet-numbingly expensive gallon.

Extreme hypermiling involves applying techniques which are much more radical than the typical common sense "conventional wisdom" tips to increase fuel mileage. However, these extreme hypermiling processes can return a remarkable increase in fuel economy.

Here are the top five extreme hypermiling procedures that any motorcyclist anywhere can apply to skyrocket your MPG. These techniques are effective with all motorcycles, from the weeniest 125cc commuter single cylinder to the most powerful 2 litre V-twin. When you consider that these techniques can squeeze 179 MPG from a motorcycle (not a scooter, but a real motorcycle), and even up to 113 MPG from a modern 750 like a Honda Shadow Aero they are definitely worth considering!

179 MPG... that's about $30 in gas even with today's prices to get from New York City to Miami!!!

Important! All of these have significant if not outright compromising safety considerations and may even be illegal in some jurisdictions. They should not be implemented without clear and comprehensive understanding of the severe ramifications.

1) Adjust your carburetor's throttle lever so that it can only open up to half of its normal travel. This will limit your maximum revs and acceleration. Remember that you won't have the power to do all the things you easily do now, like pass on the highway!

2) Change your handlebars to clipons. I hate those blasted low bars that make me feel like I'm caught halfway in a pushup, but lowering your arm position will drop your body down to the tank of the bike and considerably decrease your bike's overall aerodynamic drag.

3) Cover your radiator. On watercooled motorcycles, you can cover the radiator with a piece of cardboard to keep your engine warmer and thus more efficient. Not a good idea to seal it hermetically with duct tape, nor is it a wise choice for stop and go rush hour commuting in August in Phoenix.

Now onto the two extreme hypermiling techniques which provide by far the greatest MPG advantage while at the same time providing by far the greatest chance that you'll end up as a hood ornament on an SUV.

4) Use the kill switch. Unlike automobile drivers, we motorcyclists have an easily accessible kill switch. You can hit that kill switch when coasting and especially downhills, then while holding the clutch in and in an appropriate gear, turn the kill switch back on, release the clutch and restart the engine without using the starter. It is a procedure that when well rehearsed can be smooth and safe, and when it is done without due care and skill can cause you to flip your bike. Also note that in some motorcycles, you will lose braking power if your engine is off.

5) Only for hyperexperienced riders! Draft. This can kill you deader than almost any other hypermiling technique, but anyone who has ridden behind an 18 wheeler on the highway will testify that the "draft air zone" which is created by the wake of the truck can extend back well over 100 feet. If you don't get distracted and your life insurance policy is paid up, this technique can drastically increase your highway MPG.

Should you implement at least some of these techniques and manage to not be turned into a splat mark on the asphalt, you could legitimately expect these MPG ratings from the 
However, you may find that you'd be happy maybe cutting back on your riding, or scrimping on groceries, as some of those extreme hypermiling procedures can present a clear and present danger to your continued health and longevity! Be careful out there. Remember that saving money on fuel isn't going to be worth much if you're dead! 


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