Friday, February 3, 2012

superhero motorcycles

MOSCOW - Drawing three-dimensional design is cursory to be similar to Smolyanov Mikhail Harley Davidson Road Glide stretchy version. On the other hand, the model is also similar to Robin's Redbird mounts in the film Batman & Robin (1997).

 However, there are two things that are memorable from the motor design called "BBT" this. First, the trellis rarely extending from the front engine to the ends of the rear wheels. It's like a puff-puff of wind that is in the test chamber aerodynamics.

Second, the V8 engine dragster-style complete with air funnel.

However, Mikhail is an architect from Moscow, Russia, it did not mention the source of his inspiration. To be sure, he pinned the engine, chassis, until the chains like a fish in the unity of invisibility.

Listening to the legs, the wheels do not grip a fork like a conventional motor. Front wheels turn a little tricky to use the system, relying on a small shock absorbers and leg brace with a very horizontal angle. Angle of shock absorbers for the wheel 90 degrees and use a slug.

With footrest without the other lever, could guess that this bike is probably the automatic transmission.
Back to the top, perhaps we would be hard to find the speedometer there. Do not be sought. You see, Mikhail did not pair the device. Breaking the rules? Not. Mikhail explained that the data speed, engine rpm, fuel and other records will be visible in the glass helmets.

Sophisticated indeed. For that also, he wished that the motor is there some kind of wireless system transmitter of data from the motor to the helmet.

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