Thursday, July 12, 2012

1953 Effyh 500CC Formula Three Racer

This is a Swedish race car designed in Denmark and built in 1953. It has all original bodywork in silver urethane. It was also used in Europe in for dirt track and velodrome events.
1953 Effyh 500CC Formula Three Racer

This is a Formula 3 race car manufactured by Thorkil Grue, Copenhagen, Sweden. Designers Hakonsson Works and has the original nameplates. It has a 40 horse power JAP 500cc motorcycle motor with a 4 speed gear box, alloy body work.
Only one other believed to exist in the United States. Owned since 1977 by the late, legendary Jack Mayes.
Jack raced this car in 1979 in the Mt. Equinox Hill Climb, Vintage Race at First Detroit GP, Road America, Road Atlanta, Greattan Michigan, etc.
-500cc JAP short stroke model 4B alloy barrel complete with amal carb, BTH magneto, Norton 4 speed, Norton clutch, original silver steel tube chassis, chain primary and secondary. Axel mounting front and rear, super imposed transverse pair of quarter elliptic springs, used as wishbones.


Steering: original rack and pinion
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Brakes: Alfin drums, lockheed hydraulic 2LS 8 inch all wheels.

Wheels: Fiat topolino drilled for lightness and chromed.

Rev counter: Smiths

2 side mounted fuel tanks, center mounted oil tank

Unladen weight: 500lbs

Wheelbase: 6 feet 6 inches

Overall length: 10 feet

Front track: 4 feet

Height: 4 feet 5 inches

Rear track: 3 feet 9 inches

Width of body: 1 foot 9 1/2 inches


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