Saturday, July 28, 2012

Café Racer : The Fiddler

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THE FIDDLER  Café racer by Deus Ex Machina
Fiddler : Café Racer By Deus Ex Machina
Australian customizer seems to have a particular fondness for KAWASAKI W650 . This cool customization is called The Fiddler and has been created by their American chapter, which is located in Venice Beach, California. This time around they have turned the KAWASAKI W650 into a captivating Café racerand we got to say that the end result is once again awesome. Check it out in our pictures.

The Kawasaki W650, just like its current successor W800, cannot really be described as a very original bike. Launched in 1999 and offered at a competitive price (the W800 now costs about 8,260 euros), its design was meant to remind an old ancestor, namely the W1 introced in 1967, which was also a little bit too similat to the BSA A10. This happened because the Japanese manufacturer had called Meguro, which was licensed to produce a replica of the 1946 BSA A7. However, the ‘99 W650 was much more reminiscent of the Triumph Bonneville T120, so much so that the British house felt forced to introduce a new version of its model the following year.The W650 was powered by a 676 cc flat twin engine delivering 50 hp which - unlike most British twins that boasted an OHV distribution - adopted the typical architecture of the japanese engines, with the camshaft in the head and not in the base, in the same fashion as the Norton Manx and certain other Ducati models of the past, such as the Scrambler. However, despite its lack of originality, the W650 still boasts many advantages: low running costs, excellent mechanical reliability and that sort of vintage look, a quite pleasant vibe that is also emphasized by its kickstart pedal, which can be used as well as its more modern electric start. Last but definitely not least, the W650 has also become one of the favorite bikes among the customizers of the whole planet.


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