Thursday, July 12, 2012

McLaren Aerodynamic Cycling Helmet

McLaren teams up with Specialized  to create ‘the fastest aerodynamic cycling helmet in the world’ Watch the video below...

Specialized unveils a new chapter in our aerodynamics textbook. With the start of the 2012 Tour de France, we debut our second collaboration with McLaren: the S-Works + McLaren TT Helmet.

McLaren Applied Technologies and Specilaized have continued the success of their initial joint venture – the world championship winning Venge road bike – to create the ultimate in cycle helmet aerodynamics performance: the S-Works + McLaren TT Helmet.

Applying McLaren’s F1-winning aerodynamic knowledge and expertise to the unique needs of professional cycling, with the goal of making racers faster by reducing air as an obstacle to performance, the resulting S-Works + McLaren TT Helmet can lay claim to being the fastest aerodynamic cycling helmet in the world.

Debuting in the 2012 Tour de France (worn by Omega-Pharma QuickStep riders Levi Leipheimer and TT World Champion Tony Martin) the S-Works + McLaren TT Helmet marks an unprecedented level of investment in cycle helmet wind tunnel hours, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, and rider testing, and takes the ability to measure and tune aerodynamics to a new level. It also marks a significant breakthrough in how Specialized will approach aerodynamics in the future.

Tests have shown that the S-Works + McLaren TT helmet offers a 0.2-0.5 second advantage per kilometre (2-5W) at a speed of 48.3kph (30mph) compared to the Specialized TT3, and up to 0.8 sec/km advantage versus not wearing a helmet at all. Compared against alternative helmets, it can provide as much as a 3.5 second gain over the prologue, and more than 20 seconds in the later 53km time trial.

The helmet will be available in extremely limited quantities in early 2013 through select Specialized dealers.

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