Sunday, August 26, 2012

1909 Moto-Rêve V-Twin

1909 Moto-Rêve  V-Twin - vintage motorcycles - rare motorcycle

Moto-Rêve made complete motorcycles and proprietary engines for sale to other manufacturers between 1904 and 1925, setting up a UK-based subsidiary that manufactured motorcycles under the 'Alp' name. Pioneers of the small-capacity v-twin, Moto-Rêve made much of its products' lack of weight, advertising a complete machine weighing just 39kgs (86lbs), of which the power unit complete with magneto and carburettor accounted for just 13kgs (29lbs). In common with many of their contemporaries, early Moto-Rêve engines used 'atmospheric' inlet valves, the side exhaust valve being opened mechanically, and were secured to the frame by clamps, an arrangement that facilitated their installation by other manufacturers. Extremely well made, these jewel-like little engines incorporated gear drive for cams and magneto. 


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