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1948 Cooper MK-4 , F2

1948 Cooper MK-4 , F2 powered by "The Famous Vincent HRD" Black Lightning engine
 1948 Cooper MK-4 , F2 powered by "The Famous Vincent HRD" Black Lightning engine
Weight: 575 lbs
Engine Builder: Cliff Brown - Special Engine Dept assembler
Manufacturer: Vincent HRD Company, Stevenage England
Type: V twin
Displacement: 998 cc
Horsepower: Est. 85 bhp
Torque: Est. 95 Ft/lbs
Induction: Twin Amal 10 TT 9 carburettors original - bells modern
Heads: Modified/sphered by Vincent factory April 1948 * see below
Block: Orig. Vincent HRD 1A/700 *
Main Caps: Special Vincent /Maughan crankpin
Crankshaft: T. Maughan flywheel assembly *
Connecting Rods: Carillo rods - (1) orig. Vibrac available
Pistons: Forged - 12.5 to 1 Comp. ratio
Camshaft: Orig. factory 1948 - noted as Exp. batch - MK 2 Timing
Valves: Std - 2 per cylinder
Valve Train: Special - lightened
Clutch: Multi plate -Ducati V-2 - manual
Flywheel: T. Maughan flywheel assembly
Exhaust: Custom Stainless Steel 1 5/8 diameter

Races: Hillclimbs
* Vincent worksSept,1950 New rods, big end, drive side crankcase/ Per D. Minett
Fuel System

Fuel Tank
Manufacturer: Orig. Gallay Ltd. Willesden, London
Age: Orig. 1948
Capacity: 1.5 /5.5 gal option
Fuel Pump: Mechanical off rear axle
Fuel Type: Methanol
Oil/Water System

Radiator: Air cooled
Electrical System

Ignition: Coil
Alternator: n/a
Battery: 12 volt total loss
Data Logger: n/a
Computer: n/a

Manfacturer: Vincent HRD
Type: Integral
Gears: Non synchromesh
Shifter: Orig. Vincent HRD sequential
Trans Cooler: n/a
Rear End

 Manufacturer: Cooper
Type: Dual sprockets mounted on axle
Cooler: n/a
Ratio: Several available
Case: n/a
Differential: Fixed rear end
Axles: n/a
44 tooth sprocket equals approx. 140 mph - 52 tooth sprocket equals approx. 110 mph

Construction: Aluminium - polished with louvres in tail and engine covers
Color: Polished aluminium
Paint: N/A
Condition: Concours
Partially reskinned 1985 - Orig. body skins available - tail /engine cover original

Type: Ladder with cross tubes / body support frame - Original Fiat Topolino front and rear ends
Builder: Cooper Car Company/ Fiat -1948 front and rear ends
Material: Steel box section chassis - special light weight
Finish: Imron paint
Condition: Excellent
Front Suspension: Orig. period Cooper
Rear Suspension: Orig. period Cooper
Shocks: Modern Carrera / Original Woodhead Monroe available
Brakes: Orig. Drum
Steering: Orig. Fiat Topolino
Wheels: Orig Magnesium
Tires: 4.50 x 15 Fronts/ 5.00 x 15 Rears - shaved

Color/Finish: Orig. seat re-covered in black leather
Material: Original seat with Dunlopillo foam
Fire System: Manual Halon - driver and engine compartment
Restraints: Lap only
Guages: Orig. Smiths 8000 RPM Chrono Tachometer
Steering Wheel: Moto-Lita copy - orig. is available
Condition: Race Concours

Fiat Topolino steering gearbox (1948)
Original steering wheel/shock absorbers/body skins
Various Vincent engine spares/manuals/parts list
Engine/Gearbox spares available from Vincent Owners Club
Extensive library of letters and photographs related to this car since 1948
Various king pins/ bushings etc
Documented racing history - * September 18, 1948 driver John Cooper(Builder) Goodwood England - * April 18, 1949 driver George Abecassis(Owner)in Easter Handicap,Goodwood England * May 26, 1949 driver George Abecassis - Manx Cup Isle of Man - crashed in practise. September 8, 1949 driver George Abecassis - Reims Geux - car was rebuilt with new chassis/retired clutch trouble. * April 7, 1968 driver B.Hoy Woburn Park Hillclimb. * Since 1985 the car has been driven at Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, Pittsburgh GP, Pocono Race Way, Castle Hill, Hunnewll and Mt. Equinox Hillclimbs.
Recent Competition History

Class: VSCCA group 1


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