Sunday, August 26, 2012

260cc Radial Engine

Seven Cylinder 4-Stroke Radial Engine 260cc Petrol
 Seven Cylinder 4-Stroke Radial Engine 260cc Petrol
Cylinder head and crank cases produced from aircraft grade alloys to assure tight tolerances and great performance
The dual ball bearings and forged steel crankshaft provide the durability required from heavy power requirements
Billet aluminium pistons add to the precision of the engine and hardened steel rings add to the durability
Hard chromed and lapped cylinder bores add longevity, assure good oil coverage and a quicker break-in process for the ring
The single cam ring is made from hardened steel for low wear and long life
Carburetor jet valve incorporates the latest design with a split opening for smooth acceleration

Seven Cylinder 4-Stroke Radial Engine 260cc Petrol

Type Spark Ignition
Cylinders 7
Capacity 15.9 cu. In  -  260.0cc
Capacity per cylinder 2.26 cu in.  – 37.1cc
Bore 1.41 in.  -  35.7mm
Stroke 1.46 in.  -  37.0mm
Power 12.8hp
RPM Range 1000-5500
Maximum RPM 6300
Engine Diameter 12.6 inches  (32 cm)
Weight 14.8 lbs (6.7kg)


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