Monday, August 20, 2012

Adler 1902 motorcycle 1902 motorcycle_ 1902 motorcycles _ rare Motorcycles _custom motorcycle

The Adler company built its first vehicle in the 1870s, a tricycle. Adler was well-known in the thirties for their fine cars and 3, 3.5 and 5 HP motorcycles. Adler 1902 moto was peroy successful model with different characteristics to meet the requirements of the time. Cars of the 1930s included the Adler Autobahn, Triumph Junior and the 2.5 liter Glaeser bodied Diplomat. After World War II production resumed in 1949 with a 98cc two stroke motorcycle, followed by improved 147cc, 123cc, 247cc and 195cc designs. The 247cc bike had a modern twin cylinder two-stroke powerplant that had some influence on early Japanese motorcycle engine design. Adler won many races with air- and water-cooled 247cc street racers, driven by Beer, Lohmann, Vogel, Luttenberger, Falk and others. Some all-terrain bikes like the Adler sixdays were built up to 1957. The business was taken over by Grundig in the late fifies and motorcycle production ceased in favour of office equipment, notably typewriters.


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