Friday, August 24, 2012

Automotive Fact-1

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Launch control typically refers to an electronic aid which is used to assist the drivers of various motorsports at the start of a race.Launch control also refers to an electronic setting on many modern sports cars which help the driver accelerate from a standing start, to gain the most effective "launch". Popular automobiles with launch control include the BMW M series, certain marques of the Volkswagen Group with Direct-Shift Gearbox (most notably the Bugatti Veyron), Porsche 911, Panamera Turbo, and certain General Motors products. Mitsubishi also incorporated launch control into their Twin Clutch SST gearbox, on its "S-Sport" mode, but the mode is only available in the Evolution X MR and MR Touring (USDM). The Nissan GT-R has electronics to control launch but the company does not use the term "launch control" since some owners have equated the term with turning off the stability control to launch the car, which may void the warranty of the drivetrain.


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