Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ducati 966 F1Tracker

Ducati 966 F1 Tracker by Marcus Moto Design

Ducati 966 F1 Tracker by Marcus Moto Design
Words from Marcus:
Base for this concept is a Ducati 996 2001, bought mildly crashed.
The F1 Tracker concept developed from a vision of the ultimate slim, nimble, lightweight and powerful street bike. Taking the already light and tiny Ducati 996 superbike and giving it a minimalistic treatment with new ergonomics for great handling in the city or on the local supermoto racetrack.

Ducati 966 F1 Tracker by Marcus Moto Design

The slim design vision out ruled any side mounted air intakes as on the original 996. Inspiration from 1975 F1 Ferrari shows both in paint scheme and in air intake shape and placement.The all carbonfibre one piece bodywork shows a new aggressive design with clear inspiration from both 1970s F1 cars and 1980s MX crosser. Carbonfibre bracket arms for radiator and side mounted headlight as well as air intake design are never seen before solutions in the motorcycle industry.The concept could very well be transformed into a production model with shape and size still intact for a customer category that wants a no compromise racer for the street.The concept shows how an no-compromise ducati supermoto/dirttrack racer for the street could look like.The one piece carbonfibre bodywork with aggressive air scoop design feeding the engine with cold air is designed and fabricated by Marcus Moto Design.
photos by Johan Söderstöm at

Ducati 966 F1 Tracker by Marcus Moto Design


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