Thursday, August 16, 2012

How does AEB works ?

AEB Autonomous Emergency Braking System : We are familiar with ESP, ABS and other technology just because the recent cars launched in India were equipped with such technology. The futuristic AEB stands for Autonomous Emergency Braking System is no longer dream but it is being developed by VW, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Infiniti and many others.
AEB Autonomous Emergency Braking System
 How does AEB Autonomous Emergency Braking System works ?
In simple words, AEB is the perfect blend of adoptive cruise control and full automatic control over braking to avoid frontal collisions whether driver wants it or not. It is safety system for cars which employs common types of proximity sensors, camera employing image recognition, LIDAR(that’s like RADAR but with light) and RADAR.It uses sensors or radars installed on the front of the vehicle ,some at the top of the wind shield to monitor the road obstacles coming on way ahead. In fact, that includes speed and distance to the vehicle in front, a control unit detects the risk of an impact. This system doesn’t look farther than 6 to 8 meters. That’s why they work up to 30 to 40 km/h. The driver is informed about the risk of an accident and he is required to push the brakes. In the mean time however,AEB pre-charges the brakes thus allowing the car to react properly whenever driver reacts.In case, the driver fails to react. AEB is there for you.It can apply the brakes with fullpower, bringing the vehicle to a stop in order to either avoid an accident or at least reduce damage. So driver can calmly drive putting trust on AEB. He can have a bite of burger and sip of coca-cola in hands. Of course, if the driver changes the direction or pushes brakes, AEB turns itself and simply continues its duty of monitoring the traffic signal ahead. It dies a better job than an experienced driver.
AEB Autonomous Emergency Braking System

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