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IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tips, Hacks,Scripts and Tricks

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IRCTC Login Page
IRCTC Registration

IRCTC Username and Password Generation Page.

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 IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking Online Tips, Hacks,Scripts and Tricks

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tips, Hacks and Scripts
IRCTC Login Ticket Booking can be done through visiting the IRCTC Website and Login to the IRCTC website. If you are not the member of the IRCTC than you can fill the form for IRCTC Login Username and Password. You can have the username and password from below given links just click on these links and you will be redirected to the IRCTC Website here you can make the Login. Links are not only for IRCTC Login they also can take you to registration page and other pages so choose according to your need.
IRCTC Login Page
IRCTC Registration
IRCTC Username and Password Generation Page.
IRCTC Terms and Conditions
IRCTC Cancellation Procedure
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irctc availability, irctc mobile, irctc customer care, irctc information, PNR STATUS ,

 IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking Online Tips, Hacks,Scripts and Tricks  For saving time while booking tickets from irctc website with automated form filling , follow the below mentioned steps.
First of all, Use Firefox and install this autofill addon.
After installing this addon, restart Firefox.
Log in to irctc website. Head over to QuickBook page.
irctc quickbook
Enter all the details like what you do in a normal booking, with all the passenger name,age,train number,ticket type, quota, station code,payment options, mobile number etc.
For saving this as a new profile for automated auto filling, you’ll have to right click on any of the text box. But IRCTC website have blocked this option and you’ll find an error as shown below.

right click error IRCTC
 To bypass this error, copy paste this script into the browser address bar and hit enter.
After this hack, you’ll be able to right click on irctc website without any error.
Now right click on any of the text box [where you wrote your name] and click on “Add Complete form as profile” option.
automated IRCTC hack
Now a new window will pop up, showing all the values you entered. Click on Ok.
Refresh the OuickBook page, and press the combination keys “ALT + J” to automatically refill the page with the previously entered values.
By this trick, you can save some valuable time while booking your tatkal tickets at 10 a.m.
Tips to keep in mind during actual booking
To book online tatkal railway tickets from IRCTC, you should login to website before 9:45 because after that the server will be in its full limits. After logging in, try to maintain your session alive by navigating through “Plan my Travel” and “Quickbook” links every two minutes.
Once the time at IRCTC website shows 10:00 on quickbook page. Press Alt and J keys together for autofilling the form and click QuickBook. You’ll be redirected to your payment processor and make sure you’ve disabled the High security pin option in your netbanking acccount for time being to speed up the payment processing time.

Once finished, you’ll be redirected back to IRCTC website showing your ticket status.



  1. The trick unlikely to work any more, as IRCTC has removed Tatakal option from QuickBook page.

  2. But Quick Book does not allow to book Tatkal ticket as you mentioned in your blog.

  3. We have a single solution for problem in question by using a automation tool called Selenium IDE. Anyone can use this tool that automatically logs in for you, searches for train and fill passenger information.

    For a detailed explanation please refer to

  4. i can help you to book irctc ticket with a single click...9273741713

  5. thats quite unlikely can u mail me the info

  6. : On IRCTC alternate login page you will be successfully able to get into irctc using this form, but it is for sure that your chances will be 80% higher than other people trying to login at the same time during tatkal hours.


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