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Kawasaki Ninja 300
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2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 - Visordown
KAWASAKI'S entry-level Ninja is getting a boost as it becomes a Ninja 300 for 2013.
The Ninja 300 has a larger-displacement 296cc fuel-injected parallel twin engine with dual throttle valves. In terms of power the 300 will gain 7bhp with an output of 39bhp. As manufacturers are seemingly reinventing a class that was previously owned by 250cc two-strokes, despite being a four-stroke the Ninja 300 is getting close to their power figures as the old RG250 Gamma only did about 45bhp.The new bike also features "advanced racing-derived technology" in the form of a slipper clutch and a back-torque limiter. A slipper clutch on a 300? How trick.The 300 takes its styling cues from the Ninja family with the windscreen from the ZX-10R, dual headlights like the ZX-6R, and fairing and wheels reminiscent of the ZZR1400. The Ninja 300 will also be avaiable with ABS.

Key features from Kawasaki:

Uncontested performance!

Fuel-injected parallel twin engine with dual throttle valves
Increased displacement (296 cc) for power and torque exceeding the class 
Superior acceleration and top speed
Circuit-bred chassis performance

High level of chassis stability from new frame
Wider 140 mm rear tyre
High-quality ride feel

Excellent chassis stability
Low vibration
Excellent heat management.
Reduced heat

Changes for improved heat management mean less heat reaches the rider:
Large openings in fairing
Radiator fan cover
Available with latest-spec compact ABS unit

Specifications on par with units used on our top-of-the-line supersport models
Advanced racing-derived technology

F.C.C. Assist &Slipper Clutch offers light clutch actuation, sporty feel
Race-style back-torque limiting function
Brilliant styling, directly related to larger Ninja and ZZR models

Ninja ZX-10R-style “floating windscreen”
Dual headlights (like Ninja ZX-6R)
ZZR1400-style fairing and wheel design
Sporty aluminium foot-pegs and complex silencer shape (like big Ninja models)
Modern instrumentation

Analogue-style tachometer
Multi-function LCD features include fuel gauge, dual trip meters, clock, Economical Riding Indicator

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