Thursday, September 20, 2012

custom Yamaha Virago VX750
 Custom Yamaha Virago VX750 built by Eric Meglasson. You could say that the bike is influenced by the Classified Moto and John Ryland, and there is a good reason for that. John helped with the front end conversation sourced from the 2001 Yamaha R1, as the whole process was just to complicated for Eric to do himself.

 Good judgement as well, as it’s better to leave the front end to someone who knows his motocycle stuff. Eric powdercoated the frame, built custom brackets and protection for the USD fork. While he was working on his Virago, his friend bought the Yamaha XS850 and they both finished their custom bikes helping each other and learning along the way. After their bikes were finished – two more friends wanted customs – so the next step was pure logic. Eric and his friends opened the “Spin Cycle Industries” – a shop where they will all work on bikes in their spare time. Awesome…gather your friends and do the same!

Source: Spin Cycle Industries


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