Thursday, September 6, 2012

Megola Motorcycle 1921-1925
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German 1922 Megola motorcycle with 640cc 5 cylinder radial engine built into front wheel. No clutch, no gearbox. During each forward rotation of the front wheel the engine rotated six times in the opposite direction. Over 2,000 produced. Some reached to 96 mph.
The famous Megola was designed by MEixner, GOckerell and LAndgraf. It had a sv-five cylinder radial engine with 640 cc and 14 HP in the front wheel. It was built in Munich from 1921 to 1925. The bike had no clutch and transmission or neutral gear, and the high torque of the engine allowed to accelerate from (almost) zero mph to full speed with one gear. At stops, the engine had to be turned off, then you had to push the bike to get it started again. Imagine this in a modern city with thousands of red traffic lights...

megola motorcycle sale-megola 1922-megola antique

megola motorcycle sale-megola 1922-megola


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