Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turbine Cafe Racer | Video


Air Research Suzuki GTP 550 Turbine Cafe Racer
1976 Suzuki GT550 against a turbine. Thus found a Airesearch GTP 30 turbine built in 1967 make their way in the Suzuki context. Since the turbine works in addition to kerosene and diesel Emile also belongs in the elite circle of diesel bikers. The turbine provides about 90 hp at 58 000 rpm. The idle speed is about 18,000 trips. If you drive turbine needs a slightly different relationship to the speed. Power transmission, the original Suzuki transmission is re-used. The tank was borrowed from a Ducati and the start of the turbine was a 24-volt electrical needs. Nevertheless, the machine weighs only a little over 160



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