Tuesday, September 18, 2012

YAMAHA TMAX 530cc | Hyper Modified

 YAMAHA-TMAX 530cc-Hyper-Modified-Ludovic Lazareth
YAMAHA TMAX 530cc Hyper Modified Ludovic Lazareth
Earlier this year Walz unveiled his concept of a Hyper Modified YAMAHA TMAX that combined his trademark aggressive styling with radical lines and the YAMAHA TMAX’s sporting look, creating a unique maxi scooter. Having set the bar at such a high level, French custom builder Ludovic Lazareth was forced to look to the skies for inspiration for his creatio . Inspired by high tech aero engineering, Lazareth has taken the Yamaha TMAX and pushed its performance to the very edges of what a maxi-scooter is capable of. Not only has he radically changed its look, he has also fitted a supercharger


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