Monday, October 1, 2012

Amarok P1 Electric MotorCycle Prototype's-lightest-motorcycle

Amarok's P1 Electric MotorCycle Prototype  - one of the world's lightest electric motorcycles According to Amarok, it all started as a creative design exercise, but ultimately transformed into an electrifying 'electric' reality. They claim to have replaced all the ostentatious stuff related to a sports-bike, to pursue a more aerodynamic, minimalist direction. And supposedly all of this was conceived as a technological tribute to the low emission nature of a powerful electric bike.Coming to the specifications, the 75hp motorbike does pack a punch with its 7.5-kilowatt-hour battery and two Agni 95 electric motors incorporated into its lightweight and petite 325 pound (148 kg) body. The top speed is touted to be more than 200km/hr. But wait, the 'green' ambition doesn't stop here, as the company also plans to introduce an even lighter 275 pound version, to directly compete with its gas guzzling cousins.
Picture Gallery Amarok's P1 electric motorocycle's-lightest-motorcycle's-lightest-motorcycle's-lightest-motorcycle's-lightest-motorcycle

Source: Engadget/AmarokRacing


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