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Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC

Aprilia Tuono V4R | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Specs | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Price | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Features |
Aprilia Tuono V4R | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Specs | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Price | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Features | [SUBSCRIBE TO OUR DAILY EMAIL OR FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and PINTEREST.]
Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Specs | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Price | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Features

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Specs | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Price | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Features

Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Specs | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Price | Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC Features

Aprilia have updated the V4R streetfighter for 2014 – power from the V4 engine has been increased to 170bhp, the APRC electronics package has been fine-tuned for further finesse and all-out performance and the bike now gets adjustable 3-level (track, sport and rain) anti-lock brakes (ABS), which can also be switched off completely by the rider. According to Aprilia, the Tuono V4R is a full-on superbike, albeit one with high handlebars and ergonomics that make it easy for the bike to be used on the street in everyday road and traffic conditions. For 2014, the V4R gets a better padded seat for improved longer distance comfort, a bigger, 18.5-litre fuel tank for increased range and new, fully adjustable 43mm USD forks from Sachs, which have separate adjustments for compression and rebound damping.

The 2014 Tuono V4R also gets an updated APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) electronics package, which is fully integrated with the bike’s ABS, ride-by-wire throttle and multi-map ECU for the V4 engine. The APRC package includes a wheelie control system and has a self-calibrating function that automatically compensates for tyre circumference, allowing the rider to choose from a variety of tyres available for the Tuono. The bike’s 8-level traction control system has also been further refined and can be adjusted on the fly. Braking performance on the 2014 Tuono, which weighs 185 kilos dry, has been improved, with the bike getting radial-mount Brembo monobloc callipers and twin 320mm steel brake discs at the front. At the same time, the bike’s 65-degree 1,000cc V4 has been pumped up a bit and now produces 170 horsepower and 11,500rpm and 111.5Nm of torque at 9,500 revs. Along with revised gear ratios (shorter ratios for the first three gears), the hike in power output results in significantly improved acceleration. Aprilia’s revisions include a 2.7 bump in horsepower for 170 at a lower 11,500 rpm due to an overhaul on its 999.6cc powerplant. Along with power gains, the Tuono V4 R receives Bosch 9MP ABS, a larger fuel tank, and a new seat for better overall street performance and ergonomics. The 2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABS achieves its higher horsepower due to the reduction of internal friction and sump ventilation Both maximum power and maximum torque increase, with the Aprilia having  170 horsepower at 11,500 rpm and 82 ft. lbs. of torque at 9,500 rpm. This power increase is also credited towards a redesigned exhaust and highly-tuned electronic management, which includes three mappings – Track, Sport, Road. The Tuono V4 R – the only nanked sportbike powered by a 65-degree V4, features a narrow engine design for a more compact chassis. Compared to the 2013 RSV4 ABS engine, the Tuono V4 R ABS’ version is tuned for better street manners. Here are some of the upgrades over the RSV4′s engine:

Revised timing system

Fixed intake ducts now 20 mm longer.

Crankshaft flywheel with increased inertia for improved smoothness and overall balance.

Shorter ratios in the first three gears

Maximum power dropped to 11,500 rpm

The Tuono V4 R ABS features the technically-savvy APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) found on the RSV4 R superbike. The technology derives from World Superbike, and is the only system in the industry that has the exclusive self-calibrating tire circumference function and wheelie control.

The Tuono V4 R ABS’ APRC uses:

ATC: Aprilia Traction Control, the traction control system that can be adjusted on the fly, without closing the throttle, to 8 levels thanks to a practical joystick on the left handlebar, gains even higher performing and refined operating logic. Now the allowed percentage of skidding also differs according to the speed round a bend: The behavior of the system is even more uniform and guarantees a high level of support in turns at high speed without penalizing traction coming out of slow turns.

AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control with 3 settings, has been recalibrated to be even more sporty in map 1, while guaranteeing wheelying in high accelerations followed by a softer touch of the front wheel on the ground.

ALC: Aprilia Launch Control, for use on the track only, with 3 settings.

AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift, a system for extremely fast gear shifting without shutting the throttle and using the clutch.

The Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC ABS features a Bosch 9MP unit, which weights a mere 4.4 lbs.  The system, which can be turned off, utilizes intervention strategy called RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation) that limits wheelying of the rear wheel when braking sharply.

The ABS features three levels:
Level 1 Track: it is dedicated to the track but is still always type approved for road use. It acts on both wheels and guarantees maximum possible performance even when braking sharply at any speed. This setting takes nothing away from the pleasure and performance of “pushing the envelope.” With this strategy the RLM is deactivated.
Level 2 Sport: it is dedicated to sporty riding on roads, it acts on both wheels and is combined with the tip over system RLM whose intervention is progressive based on vehicle speed.
Level 3 Rain: dedicated to riding on surfaces with poor grip, it acts on both wheels and is combined with the advanced tip over system.
And each ABS maps can be combined in any of the three engine maps (Track, Sport, Road) for optimal results based on riding style. The Tuono V4 R ABS features a chassis deriving directly from the RSV4, with a twin-spar aluminum frame made with cast and pressed elements in brushed aluminum. This provides a perfect balance between a structure with an excellent balance between torsional and flexional rigidity. This same structure is incorporated into the Tuono’s swingarm. Suspension duties are handled a new 43mm upside down Sachs fork that has separate “one by one” hydraulic compression and rebound adjustments besides having the settings of the spring preload on both stanchions.

Speaking of the suspension, Aprilia says “The standard setup has been redefined to ensure a more comfortable response on open public roads. The Sachs damper with built-in piggy back allows hydraulic adjustments in compression and rebound not to mention spring preload adjustments. Even its basic calibration takes into greater consideration the use of the bike on the road.” Stopping the 2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABS is a new braking system featuring radial mounted monoblock calipers Brembo M432 and 320 mm steel discs with reduced height braking tracks and asymmetrical perforation resulting in a more modulated braking power. Finally, Aprilia increased the fuel capacity to 4.8 gallons, revised the bodywork to provide better feeling to the rider, and a redesigned the seat for additional comfort.
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