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ReRace | ReRace Connect | ReRace Device | ReRace Specs | ReRace price | ReRace info
ReRace | ReRace Connect | ReRace Device | ReRace Specs | ReRace price | ReRace info.[SUBSCRIBE TO OUR DAILY EMAIL OR FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and PINTEREST.]
ReRace | ReRace Connect | ReRace Device | ReRace Specs | ReRace price | ReRace info

ReRace | ReRace Connect | ReRace Device | ReRace Specs | ReRace price | ReRace info

ReRace | ReRace Connect | ReRace Device | ReRace Specs | ReRace price | ReRace info

ReRace | ReRace Connect | ReRace Device | ReRace Specs | ReRace price | ReRace info

ReRace is a startup company developing innovative motorsports data acquisition technology. The company has developed a unique on-board device that captures MotoGP/F1/Kart like telemetry data from your vehicles and allows you to upload it to a private social network where users can share and compare their performance data with friends and other members of the community. Founded by three passionate racers/electronic engineers and software developer, Rerace is now preparing for product and social network launch.
ReRace Connect
Are you really fast? Prove it.
Challenge your friends to virtual races
Members’ Only - ReRace Connect
When you upload your videos, and racing details to the leaders board, you are no longer only racing only on one track, one day, you are racing against all ReRaceConnect racers, for as many days as you would like. 
ReRace Connect is a place for you to share and interact with your friends and other racers in a professional structured, but dynamic fashion. Upload your race details and video on to leader boards and ranking systems to see how you rank against your racing peers, analyzing your performance in a detailed and professional way. ReRace your track session as many times as you want
Virtual Garage
ReRace Connect even has its own virtual garage! ReRace Connect members can create their own online garage using uploaded photos as well as vehicle technical parameters and modifications in order to associate the vehicles to specific racing performance
ReRace Connect members have complete control of who can see them or their data – the racer decides whether they want to be accessible to the general community and what data they share. No data is shared outside the ReRace Connect unless the user chooses to do so
You can find your friends by:
vehicle type and model
ReRace track database
username or place (city/nation)
Data Cloud
Whether you would like to review yesterday’s race, last week’s race or last year’s race, you will have access to those performance details at any point in time. As you will be capturing professional level performance data, you will be able to analyse the different aspects of race to determine where areas of improvement may be as well as identify specific challenges of a particular track section
Virtual Race
The data collected from ReRace are encrypted and therefore not "hackable". Through authentication ReRace Connect you get certified against eliminating the possibility of cheating. Key performance details, such as speed, RPM, gear usage, roll, yaw, angle/lean and pitch/wheelie angle, (etc) are all available and transformed into graphical baselines. This information can be used to improve your racing skills or to just share with your racing community. No software required
ReRace Connect is a web based system that does not require any software installation. Usable with all devices as PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone. 
ReRace Connect members are in full control of with whom they would like to share their data – and even the level at which they would like to share that data. If you would like to only share vehicle data, one particular race, or only share with specific friends - all of these levels are user managed.
An algorithm is used to analyze the correct route on track and does not validate data in the event of excessive cutting of corners/chicanes
Would you like to discuss a race with a friend? ReRace Connect allows members to use instant message - real time- with other user
10 Hz GPS Unit
Thanks to the latest high-end GPS chipset you can record your track lines, speed and measure lap and intermediate times with maximum precision without any additional hardware such as a beacon. ReRace also has a database of major circuits around the world and allows you to create your own personal track, also open track! ReRace, is incredibly flexible, but also accurate
Built-in Inertial Measurement Unit
ReRace ‘s the first device with a build-in IMU! This allows you to measures lateral and longitudinal G-Force and also roll, pitch, yaw angle. if you install ReRace on a motorbike it will measure the lean and wheelie angle
Varius data acquisitions alternatives
Without any wiring, the device can acquire a large number of data such as lap times, trajectories and speed on the track, G-Force, roll, pitch and yaw angles. By wiring dedicated sensors it's possible to expand the acquired data, you can connect a RPM sensor, a crankshaft position sensor for gear calculation, coolant and exaust gas temperature sensors. Using ReRace on a new car is possible to download all data via the OBD port making use of a single cable
Watch your race again
Connect your GoPro ® camera and ReRace - you can capture not only video but also telemetry data in a synchronized mode. Would you like to share and compare? Upload the video and data to ReRaceConnect and show how well you performed ReRace


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