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Audi ZR 02 - Concept Motorcycle

Audi ZR 02 - Concept Motorcycle
Autobild, a newspaper German car, that car was out of the shadows to an article (No. 46 of 11.16.2001 ). So, I discovered, For some time, information was confirmed to me the existence of a motorcycle a bit special: an Audi with a Audi 50 engine. This bike is a prototype and one copy was made ​​in 1976 . Few people have had the privilege of seeing. It is stored in warehouses of the factory in Ingolstadt with other vehicles and prototypes exclusive. amazed, and some photos of this motorcycle undisclosed to the public. Brands like NSU, DKW Auto Union that is part of fabricated motorcycles. However with the demise of Auto Union for the Audi brand, no motorcycle was born under the brand with the four rings. At the time when Ferdinand Piech worked in Audi, Audi engineer Roland Gumpert, revived the myth the two wheels in the brand. Piëch has agreed, despite his hesitation, for the development of this prototype built around the 4-cylinder 1300 cm3 of the Audi 50. rims were provided by Ronal, holds foot by Yamaha, the accelerator by Bing, the gearbox by Norton. For the starter, there was more room! The designers have designed a specific body with a tank in front of the saddle and a bubble protecting speedometers and, unusual for a motorcycle at the time, engine speed. The bikes had a clock in that place. This bike was unique at the time. Indeed it was the largest and most powerful. Even BMW and Honda failed to make a road. It was designed to exceed 200 km / h and to develop 100 bhp (BMW R 100RS on its proposed 70 hp Honda Goldwing on the first 82 hp). In of these initial tests in 1976, she developed 80 hp with its dual exhaust. This prototype, called ZR 02, traveled 8000 km since its inception. During 1977, this bike was tested in every detail. However Gumpert and his team had to deal with the development of Iltis 4x4 Volkswagen for the German army and successor of Munga. The development of the AWD system was paramount to give birth to the quattro drive as known. This project was abandoned, unlike some brands like BMW selling many bikes over the world, but Opel has manufactured motorcycles in the 1930s. For many years, this bike was put to oblivion and the staff of Audi kept it secret. However for 3 years, the existence of this bike back to daylight. With the opening of the Mobile Museum in Ingolstadt, Audi presents its NSU and DKW motorcycles. But Audi did not find room for ZR 02. Too bad Porsche enters the two-wheeler segment, designing the latest Harley Davidson engine. This bike was presented to the Paris Motorcycle Show 2001 in Paris. So why not imagine Audi will launch

Audi Ag 


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