Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ducati ( 848 Streefighter )- to fight the indian streets auto expo 2012

Ducati listened to the prayers and answered them by launching the Streefighter 848. We expect Ducati to showcase the 848 Streefighter at the AutoExpo.
Ducati launched the Streetfighter 1098 in late 2008, but soon after its launch riders realised that it was way too aggresive and extreme to ride.  During the marketing and technical presentation the Ducati team stressed the focus on the concept of a friendlier, easier to ride Streetfighter. The target consumer for the 848 is a rider that is not as extreme and is looking for more usability, someone who needs a more confidence inspiring ride. Ducati set out to make that happen with an all new, smaller displacement Streetfighter that would satisfy these criteria and still be a high-performing naked bike.

The engine of this new Streetfighter is the 849.4cc L-Twin Testastretta 11. Sharing the same basic configuration with the 848 EVO Superbike, the 11 degrees of valve overlap is designed to give a smoother engine character which is more suited to the street duty the Streetfighter 848 will most often be used for. Clearly this is tame but the Streefighter 848 still produces 130bhp which is more than enough for a naked street bike which means ease in riding. 

The suspension has been changed for the same reason, with gentler damping and, at the rear, a softer spring, while the riding position has been made more upright with 20mm higher handlebars. A new superbike-derived frame is similar to the 1098 Steetfighter, but has less rake and trail for more stable and confidence inspiring steering traits. The wheelbase is the same as the 1098 at 58.07 inches, but longer than the 848 EVO’s 56.3-inch wheelbase. Attached to the rear of the trellis frame is a new one piece cast aluminum swingarm sprung by a fully adjustable Sachs shock set up for a comfortable ride. Up front 43mm Marzocchi forks with full adjustability handle the imperfect road surfaces that the Streetfighter 848 is expected to see. 

Both the front and rear are set up softer in spring rate and damping than its 1098 sibling.
Bar the engine, two of the Streetfighter’s best assets when it comes to cornering are its wide bars and new 180/60 section rear Pirelli. This new profile, only a slight change from a 180/55, gives the tyre a rounder profile but also a larger contact patch. The feel from the tyres, amplified by the bike’s wide bars help make this bike one of the most tractable and predictable bike.

Ducati just might have a hit on their hands with the Streetfighter 848. With manageble power, lower price and Italian design, there is no doubt that it would appeal to the mass.
We hope Ducati showcases the bike in all the three colours available internationally.
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