Thursday, January 12, 2012

Motom motorcycle

Exhibition of vintage motorcycles (Motom)


At the end of World War II engineer Baptist Falchetto, former designer of the Spear, in cooperation with the industrialists Frua De Angelis had the idea to build a lightweight moped robust and cost (almost a small motorcycle), good performance, high reliability but who remain within the limits of the classic 50 cc.

The first named Motom Motomic presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1947 and whose name is an abbreviation for Atomic Moto.The Motom consisted of a frame, printed with X-shape, consisting of two halves combined, and the soap reservoir to be inserted between the two, just behind the headstock. The proven automotive experience Falchetto inspires him in the design of the engine, with four-stroke cycle developed with the engine Sola, also of the Spear.
But are the characteristics of the motor vehicle Motom making that all subsequent years of production.It was a 4 stroke engine, single cylinder, air-cooled power of good and exceptionally low fuel consumption. Motom salient features of the engine were reliability, low power consumption (75 km on a liter of gasoline) and good performance (top speed in third faster than 50 kilometers per hour, maximum slope exceeds 22%).

The engine motom suffered years of only marginal changes (such as lubrication of valves in the head) that were sufficient to significantly improve the performance, so that patterns of the 60 athletes exceeded the 75 km times while maintaining exceptionally low fuel consumption.
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