Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping It Simple - Minimalist design at the finest

All Photos Courtesy of Joey Ruiter

Designer Joey Ruiter set out to make a custom motorcycle that ignores everything thatmakes custom motorcycles awesome. He took a simple bike and made it as generic and boring as possible by wrapping it in a metal box, obscuring everything but the bottoms of the wheels and the handlebars. No wild paint, gratuitous gadgets, exquisite metal work or crazy add-ons. The result is not only head-turning, but awesome.

The reflective metal and the silent electric engine of the Moto Undone give the impression that there is no bike at all- just a rider floating down the road. Even the dashboard is stripped away; the vital stats can be checked on your smartphone via downloadable apps.

Ruiter’s jruiter + studio has a taste for the beguilingly simple: its minimalist inner city bikemay be the perfect urban ride. Ruiter calls the Moto Undone “pure generic transportation;” it’s anything but. The insistence on simplicity makes the design all the more riveting.

The Moto Undone has a range of 90 miles, or about three hours. And while you won’t be seeing any on the roads anytime soon, you can check it out at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, September 21 through October 9.

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