Monday, January 16, 2012

Why 4 wheels When I can do with 2

When everyone is trying to build s custom motorcycle using V-twin this lad choose to build his bike around 4 cylinder engine ,
The Heart of this motorcycle comes from a car which happens to be quite rare
Its from the
196O's 1200cc nsu prinz car engine ,
Brief history on the car

Displacement 1177 cc

length 4000 mm

Bore & Stroke 75.00 mm × 66.00 mm

Width 1500 mm

Compression Ratio 8.00:1

Output 55 hp at 5200 rpm

Torque Output 8.5 kg/m at 3500 rpm

Max Speed 138 km/h Transmission 4 Manual
Technical specs

Sourced spares

air-cooled engine

BSA plunger gearbox

Norton amc clutch,

jackshaft from engine to clutch,

merecedes- benz supercharger

chain final drive,

duplex chain primary drive,

hand shift,

remote brake cylinder from cable front lever for front brake,

Honda fireblade wheels,

zxr kawasaki inverted front end,

Custom Built parts for this bike ( garage )

shed made yokes/bars,


wheel spindles




3" belt drive,

shed made covers etcsilencer,

manifolds etc out of stainless steel,

silencer has a brass baffle in it thats removable
This bike is one true European bike
West German engine,
Mercedes - Benz supercharger
Norton Clutch
BSA Gearbox
most of the parts of this bike was hand built in his garage and rest sourced from the rarest kind , the builder who happens to be ma friend once told me " its cheaper to make it then buying one " he is quite a perfectionist the pictures of his build will make your realize that

Robbie was kind enuf to share more pictures with us


Robbie Robinson

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  1. Robbie is a phenomenal craftsman and I look forward to seeing more of his work. He doesn't just bolt things together, he blends them. His work flows.

  2. @ lupo , that's quite true he is one person who does make even a science look like an art , he sure is a perfectionist , Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your valuable comment , hope you enjoyed my blog

    Grease n Gasoline

  3. It’s so amazing to gather information on the blog. I really loved reading these post. It has strengthen my faith more. You all do such a great job at such concepts. ..can’t tell you how much I, for one appreciate all you do.

    1. @ eigen , thank you very much for stopping by pls follow us regularly


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