Tuesday, October 8, 2013

V-Quad 4 Cylinder Engine

 V-Quad 4 Cylinder Engine | 4 Cylinder Engine | 4 Cylinder Motorcycle Engine | The KneeSlider |
V-Quad 4 Cylinder Engine | 4 Cylinder Engine | 4 Cylinder Motorcycle Engine | The KneeSlider |[Follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest]
Nelson Engineering, makers of the particular V-Quad used in these bikes. Greg Nelson is a former HD engineer who decided to bolt a couple of engines together and after machining a few parts, did exactly that. He said the first one fired right up and he has since refined the engine a bit, set up a supply chain and you can order one if you have the desire to put a really big engine in your own custom, bike, go kart, or whatever else you might have in mind.
V-Quad 4 Cylinder Engine Specs are 214 cubic inches, 250 horse power, dual 45mm Mikuni carbs, 225 lb. ft. of torque and the prototype, which was a mere 160 inches, gets 40 mpg. I'm a little unsure how well air cooled V4s work, though Greg says he has one in a bike he rides all the time. It may not be really practical but it looks interesting.


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